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February 01 2016


Digital Displays Go Interactive

Digital signage
Hybrid (or interactive) digital displays would be the latest trend in point of purchase advertising. It is hard to believe that a technology like digital displays, which is still considered by a few to be in its infancy, has moved right into a "2.0" phase, but this is really a field known for rapid innovation.

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Much like Web 2.0, this latest incarnation of digital displays is targeted on interactivity to engage viewers and have them participating in the content displayed on the signs. So, how does it work and just what benefits does it bring? We'll answer those questions here.

Getting Viewers Involved

Volumes have been written about the effectiveness of digital displays. We know that they attract a lot more attention than static signs. We all know how to design them for max effect and we are beginning learn how to measure their ROI. Together with the introduction of interactivity, industry analysts have a lot more to talk about.

Interactivity by itself is nothing new. Many stores manipulate interactive kiosks for years to assist customers find items, to give them more information with regards to their products, and to permit them to print coupons or shopping lists (e.g. from a gift registry).

By combining the interactivity from the kiosk with the broader reach of an digital sign, retailers can customize content and reach people like never before. In turn, they can engage customers while on an entirely different level.

How Interactivity Works in the Digital Display

o Imagine walking through a clothing store. A youtube video clip of models wearing the clothing is being displayed. You're invited to touch a "hotspot" on-screen and when you do the display switches to a interactive touchpad that allows view sales promotions, current availability, and clothing combinations.

o You're shopping from the bakery department of your local grocery store and see digital signs of a new product. You move nearer to look and the content switches to a video about how easy it can be to prepare the item and just how it will fit into your family's menu.

o You are considering the variety of lunch at the food court near work. You see a message over a digital sign to text and save money. You text in and obtain a coupon on the cell phone that you can take to the counter and redeem.

These are just some of the possibilities of hybrid digital displays. As well as what are the benefits to retailers? Customers get yourself a positive shopping experience and they are likely to spread the word over it; retailers learn which images and messages are attracting customer attention to allow them to plan future content; and they can enhance their image as being a cutting edge retailer that desires to develop a relationship using their customers.

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